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Ashlyn's Journal

Rambling and Ranting

Ashlyn Noble
18 July 1988
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I'm a student at the University of Winnipeg, studying Biology and Anthropology. I want to go into bioengineering or synthetic biology, probably after many more years of learnin'.

My hobbies are mostly of the crafty variety, I make jewellery and do beadwork and wireworking. I play with polymer clay, making my own beads and teeny creatures and other oddities for fun! I have a huge collection of TV shows that I watch while crafting, some of my favourites are Firefly, Stargate, Bones, Buffy, House, NCIS yadda yadda. I also have a shameful weakness for ridiculous reality TV a la Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Chef etc.

I love reading, mostly fantasy novels, and my book collection is taking over the half of my room that isn't covered in beads and beading projects. I love the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson's stuff, Sara Douglass, Terry Pratchett, the Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl series, Terry Goodkind, all of Robin Hobbs' series, Mercedes Lackey, too many to mention.

I use this journal to talk about my relatively boring life, and rant about things that irritate me. If that sort of thing happens to interest you, feel free to friend me!

Have a happy day :)

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